what is the environmental public health director in local government perhaps a county or a city health department.

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You view the issue of climate change as one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. Although your role is local, you believe that “thinking globally and acting locally” can help you identify useful strategies. Along that line, you want to do something that will ameliorate negative health impacts of climate change in your jurisdiction. There is little indication that your community has been thinking about climate change from a local public health perspective, so you decide to write a 500+ word editorial on “our health in an era of climate change” for your popular local newspaper. Keep in mind you have the advantage of being respected in your community, and your words will increase public awareness and may set an example for others.

Consider the following for your 500+ word editorial:

1.Address the community you live in, or a community you know well.

2.What might health problem(s) in your community be worsened by climate change?

3.What might the community do to mitigate that health problem?

4.Are there additional benefits to taking action that is not widely recognized by your community?

5.Include at least 1 reference that is about your particular community.

6.Since you are writing for publication in a newspaper please look at these tips for effective editorial writing (furnished by the New York Times): https://advance-lexis-com.proxy2.cl.msu.edu/api/permalink/5553584c-081c-4aa9-a16d-e11cfc8bda82/?context=1516831

Submit your editorial in the Discussion Forum before Wednesday @ 11:55 PM. Respond to at least one classmate before Saturday @ 11:55 PM.


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