What is the relationship between the intructions from zeus and execution of the creation of pandora, philosophy homework help

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What relationship is there between the orders Zeus
gives for the making of the “evil/Pandora” and the other
gods’ execution of his orders

I’m going to give them Evil in exchange for fire,

Their very own Evil to love and embrace.

That’s hat he said, the Father of gods and men,

And he laughed out loud. Then he called Hephaistos

And told him to hurry and knead some earth and water

And put a human voice in it, and some strength,

And to make the face like an immortal godess’ face

And the figure like a beautiful, desirable virgin’s.

Then he told Athene to teach her embroidery and weaving,

And Aphrodite golden to spill grace on her head

And painful desire and knee-weakening anguish.

And he ordered the quicksilver messenger, Hermes,

To give her a bitchy mind and a cheating heart.

That’s what he told them, and they listened to Lord Zeus,

Kronos’s son. And right away famous old Gimpy

Plastered up some clay to look like a shy virgin

Just like Zeus wanted, and the Owl-Eyed Goddess

Got her all dressed up, and the Graces divine

And Lady Persuasion put some gold necklaces

On her skin, and the Seasons (with their long, fine hair)

Put on her head a crown of springtime flowers.

Pallas Athena put on the finishing touches,

And the quicksilver messenger put in her breast

Lies and wheedling words and a cheating heart,

Just like rumbling Zeus wanted. And the gods’ own herald

Put a voice in her, and he named that woman

Pandora, because all the Olympians donated something,

And she was a real pain for human beings.


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