what race were the egyptians is this question anachronistic and if so why what are the differing points of view in the historiography that we read be sure to discuss all three articles do physical anthropologists subscribe to a concept of race h

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Has to use the three sources I provide and any additional scholarly sources

Your answer should be double-spaced, in 12 pt. font, with NO title page. Use footnotes to document secondary sources (e.g. Dever or Sperling). Biblical passages may be cited parenthetically, in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. The Chicago Style can also be found in the Turabian guide, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.

Your paper should be approx. 5 to 8 pages, 10 pages maximum.

Formatting Footnotes and Bibliography Entries

For your paper, you will use the Chicago Notes and Bibliography style, which is required by the Department of History for History courses. This style and many examples of how to do footnotes and create bibliography are found in the Chicago Manual of Style. There is an ebook copy of the Chicago Manual of Style available through the library catalog. To access it, go to the library website: library.sdsu.edu Search for Chicago Manual of Style 2017. Click on the second item in the list that appears on the right (not the first item, which is a review of this book and not particularly helpful for your purposes), which is Chicago Manual of Style. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2017, on the right hand side of the screen. Then click on Miscellaneous Ebooks which will be in blue. (You may be prompted to enter your SDSU ID and password). Once in the ebook, click on 14 Notes and Bibliography. Scroll down and click on whichever entry matches best matches the type of source that you are using, or what you need to know to format your footnote/bibliography entries. I would suggest reading/familiarizing with the beginning sections of chapter 14.

Please note that footnotes should be placed on the page of your text, and you should also provide a bibliography. For 2nd/subsequent bibliography entries, you can use short citations. This is all explained in the Chicago Manual of Style, sections 14.29-36. Please use shortened citations for 2nd/subsequent footnotes, but do not use Ibid. Ibid., which is short for Ibidem, the same, can be used if you are referring to the same work in the note above. This becomes problematic, however, if you move that sentence and note to another location in your text by cutting and pasting it. Thus, always use shortened citations instead of Ibid. to avoid errors.

Please make sure that you follow this format, and that you provide page numbers for all footnote citations.

Please do not use the parenthetical style (Ch. 15).

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