Why did many prominent Seventh-day Adventists resist church organization

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I need you to answer the 12 questions and I need short answers. The name of the book is “Messenger of the Lord”

http://www.whiteestate.org/books/mol/TOC.html Chapters 17 and 18

Chapters 17

1. Why did many prominent Seventh-day Adventists resist church organization?

2. What conditions prevailed in church organization prior to 1901 that caused Ellen White to plead for a radical reorganization of how the Adventist Church conducted its world mission?

3. Why was Ellen White so insistent that the publishing house and the General Conference headquarters leave Battle Creek?

4. What were some of the negative aspects of consolidation of denominational enterprises at the turn of the century?

5. What was the real issue in the debate over the publishing policies of the National Religious Liberty Association in 1891?

6. How might Ellen White’s counsel regarding the principles of consolidation apply today? Are there occasions when consolidation (of conferences, publishing houses, departments within organizations, etc.) would be appropriate?

7. Review Ellen White’s contribution to the establishment of health institutions in California and show how these particular institutions would probably not exist today without her dramatic insistence and perseverance.

Chapters 18

1. What were the basic issues that divided the delegates at the Minneapolis General Conference in 1888?

2. What were the basic issues at stake in the Holy Flesh Movement, and how did Stephen Haskell and Ellen White defuse the problem?

3. What were the basic issues involved in the pantheism crisis of the early 1900s?

4. What was the basic error that linked J. H. Kellogg, A. F. Ballenger, and, later, E. J. Waggoner?

5. Why did Ellen White consider the presentations of Elders Jones and Waggoner in 1888 to be a “precious message,” a “fresh message,” that presented God’s “voice more distinctly”?


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