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For this week, you will be researching two lawsuits in the legal database – one based on a 
defective and unsafe product, and one based on 
deceptive warranty and advertising. See below and discuss and answer the following:

1. The legal duty of manufacturers is to provide for safe products in the marketplace today.  Research using NEXIS-Uni Legal Database link below and provide a case within the last three years of a defective product liability case pursuant to an unsafe product. Be sure to explain the law regarding design defect, manufacturing defect 
or failure to warn cause of action and define and explain these terms and your case in full. 

2. The power of advertising influences consumer decisions about products today.  Explain the 
contract product liability warranty theories in the chapter reading this week and research using NEXIS-Uni Legal Database link below a lawsuit where a product is unfairly and deceptively advertised and violates the law as to one or more of the warranty theories.  
See Section 13-2: Advertising as a Contract Basis for Product Liability in the chapter reading.   


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