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please see attachments!

Project Description –


Sample Homeland Security Student Paper with Instructor Notes

Sample Homeland Security Student Paper with Instructor Notes – Alternative Formats

Rubric for 5 Page Papers in Homeland Security

Rubric for 5 Page Papers in Homeland Security – Alternative Formats

· Video to help you navigate
Opposing Viewpoints in Context, a database available to you through Keiser’s Online Library:


Paper Directions

Terrorism and crime committed with the use of information systems and tools signify an ominous threat to the increasingly information-based economies of the world’s leading countries. The United States, with its highly networked infrastructure, is perhaps both the most powerful and the most vulnerable. Law enforcers investigating different crimes continue to grapple with numerous obstacles. Modern technologies such as the Internet have led to new problems.

You have just been assigned as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Department of Homeland Security. Your first assignment given to you by the Secretary of Homeland Security is to furnish that person with a briefing paper that discusses the new and emerging threats of cybercrime and terrorism and the major challenges facing law enforcement agencies whenever dealing with these crimes.

Your paper should include the following:

1. Definition of cyber terrorism

2. Definition of cyber crimes

3. New and emerging cyber terrorism threats

4. New and emerging cybercrime threats

5. Challenges facing law enforcement in investigating cyber terrorism and cybercrime

6. The forensic tools available to law enforcement in their fight against cyber terrorism and cybercrime

You should be using information discussed in the Weeks 1-3 readings, academic research from the Keiser databases and government websites, and other relevant (cited and referened in APA) examples.


Write a five (5) page minimum, DOUBLE SPACED, 12-FONT TIMES ROMAN paper with references and sources cited. The paper must discuss each step of the sections in detail. This project will be a minimum of five (5) pages for the entire paper, not five (5) pages for each step.

Your cover sheet, abstract, and your source citing/references are NOT included in the five page minimum.

· Your grade will depend upon the presentation of your analysis and research, the quality of the work presented, including whether you give a detailed presentation or a vague overview, whether you address all parts of the question asked, and how you support your discussion.

· Your grade also will take into consideration your citing of a variety of sources/use of references and whether you met the mandatory minimum page requirement.

· Please make sure to use
AT LEAST 5 sources for your research. These should be from the
gov sites. The paper should be written using APA Format. Please make sure you review your paper for spelling, grammar, and format and plagiarism errors before submitting it. Remember that the paper should be typed in Microsoft Word. (You may download a free copy of Micrsoft Word by logging into your Keiser University email.) Your paper will not receive a grade until it is submitted properly. If you need assistance, please let your instructor know.

PLEASE FOLLOW SAME SAMPLES AS THE ******Sample Essay from DSC2210**** see attachments




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