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490 WK5 DQ2. 100-150 WORDS

Your IT project process, the migration of a data center from one physical location to another, is under quality assurance (QA) review; provide examples of how the IT team used at least three of the seven basic tools of quality on this project.


A Francheska Janosik

Cause-and-effect diagram: will be used to help identify the possible causes and effects or problems that will come from moving the data center, like the down time, the proper power, the cooling requirements, etc. Check Sheet or Tally Sheet: Will be used to make a structured list for collecting and analyzing data for the process of the move. IT will allow in a quick listed form for the company to understand the ups and downs of the process. This also helps with zeroing in on the defects or errors within the process defects and patterns, So in turn it will allow the company to see the do and don’ts in the process of moving the data center.

Scatter Diagram: This shows the relationship between two variables, in this case it can show the relationship between time and how much of the data center has come back on line.

B Chad Pope

During the quality assurance review of the hypothetical data center physical migration, the IT team could use control charts to track each process of the migration. This tool would allow them to identify if and when each process becomes out of control, showing that the process requires refinement to correct it. Another useful tool the IT team could leverage is the checksheet. They could mark off as each task is completed, preventing duplication of effort and ensuring prerequisite tasks are accomplished first. Finally, the IT team could utilize flowcharts to map out each process to identify and analyze any problems that might arise and to improve each process.

C Jordan Ehresman

The seven basic tools of quality include cause-and-effect diagrams, control charts, check sheet, scatter diagram, histograms, Pareto charts and flowcharts. According to Schwalbe (2018) a flow chart is a graphical display of the flow of the process which help improve processes and breakdown where problems occur. Using flow charts for the data center migration project will grant and overview of the process and allow for a picture of operation to be developed which can be examined to identify any potential problem areas. This can allow for the team to proactively correct and improve the procedure before problems can arise. A check sheet is as its name implies a simple checklist that can be used to collect and analyze data. By using this tool he project team can recognize numerous data sets they wish to record and then analyze the data accordingly. A check sheet can be set to record whenever an issue arise at different phases of the migration process and then upon analysis the team can prioritize which segments need to be improved upon based off the number of occurrences experienced there. 

430 wk6 dq2. 100-150 words

Briefly describe tools, technologies, or software a company can use to implement a framework throughout their enterprise? Can frameworks be automated? If not, why? If so, how?

Replies 75-100 words

A Daniel Callura

Enterprise Architecture Framework is a system that helps reverse the problems that IT development faces. A framework that aids in managing IT may support a complete corporate structure because IT is such a tangible foundation of every significant firm. Frameworks can be automated and by doing so A platform called an automation framework is created by combining different hardware, software, tool, and service resources based on a set of well-founded assumptions. It provides effective automated test script creation and development as well as trustworthy problem analysis for the system being tested.it enhances efficiency during the design and development of automated components or code. Designing an automated framework requires special consideration since any rash action at this point might have disastrous effects on expenses, lost time, and product quality.

B Olatunbosun Osifowode

As mentioned, the test automation framework consists of a set of guidelines for creating and designing test cases. They form an important aspect of automated testing as it significantly helps testers to use resources effectively and efficiently. These automation frameworks also help to configure and create test suites by combining various automated tests and make them available for execution.

In general effective test automation support rigorous functional tests and also prove to be more useful as they require shorter design time. These automation testing frameworks ensure more consistency of automation across the organization and brings in higher developmental activity.

C Yamil Santana

There are several tools, technologies, and software that a company can use to implement a framework throughout their enterprise:

1. Project management software: This can help to coordinate and track the progress of framework implementation efforts across the organization.

2. Compliance management software: This can help to ensure that the company is adhering to all relevant regulations and standards.

3. Security tools: These can be used to protect against cyber threats and ensure the security of the company’s data and systems.

4. Monitoring tools: These can help to track the performance and effectiveness of the framework and identify any areas for improvement.

5. Collaboration tools: These can help to facilitate communication and collaboration among team members working on framework implementation.


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