wk8 dq2

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490 WK8 DQ2. 100-150 WORDS.

Briefly explain what you would do to reward your project team for a job well done.


A Jarrod Henderson

The reward would depend on the team member just as there are different leadership styles that work for different people. People respond to rewards differently, just as they respond differently Types of authority. For example one employee may respond well to a simple, congratulatory verbal acknowledgment. Another employee may respond better to a reward of being taken out to lunch or receiving a gift card. I’ve said all this to say that people are different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all reward method in leadership.

B Francheska Janosik

A lot of the time that I was in the military I made sure to give my soldiers the recognition they deserve. Sometimes it didn’t get approved but then they know that as their leader you tried. When it is a group effort, I will reward my team with lunch and the comradery is great. I would apply the same things to the civilian world. Some companies have a points/money reward you can apply which is an option if they company doesn’t really do awards. There is also doing a team breakfast for a meeting or a lunch specifically for the great work that they have been doing. I would do whatever I could that was fair to make sure that those that do the work are getting the credit they deserve.

C Michael Loudermilk

Rewarding team members is a great moral booster and should be used often. One phrase that has always stuck with me since my military days was reward and praise in public and correct only in private. I did not always see this in the military but the leaders that followed this were well received by their subordinates. Praise should be given often and rewarding the team with an incentive such as a free lunch or gift card for their hard work goes a long way for maintaining moral. If the budget allows a gift raffle can be implemented for reaching milestones early or completing tasks before their deadlines. Many organizations have a recognition system in place that should be used for good work and solid team efforts.


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