Women’s Movement

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Read “Tidal Wave” by Sara Evans, I have attached a PDF of the book below. Identify the two wings of the Second Wave of the Women’s Movement. How did these two wings of the movement differ in terms of goals, tactics, and organizations? Also, how did each wing differ in their origins? You can also use the other two sources I uploaded to help answer the questions or to support your answer.

Length and style: Your response should be at least 3 and no more than 4 pages in length(11 or 12 point Times New Roman, doublespaced, 1 inch margins; header should be singlespaced and no more than 2 linesname, course, assignment number).

Citing your sources: Your essay should draw upon readings provided ONLY. Please use intext citations to identify your sources; two examples are provided, below. Following your essay, include a list of references cited. Intext citation examples:

Evans, Sara. 2004. Tidal Wave. Chapter 1 (“The Way We Were”), p1-17.

Bloom (1987) argues that a number of social changes were important to the rise of the Civil Rights Movement.

The political process model suggests that these social changes were important because they… (Winders 2021).

Morris (1984:254) notes that “In the Birmingham movement, SCLC eliminated the organizational conflict . . . the SCLC hired James Bevel from SNCC.”


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