Workplace Design Presentation

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Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that illustrates how a good workplace design can enhance growth and relationships both personally and professionally. The point of the presentation is that cultivating professional resilience and learning to deliberately focus on positive rather than negative aspects of one’s job goes a long way towards overall good health and wellbeing

Create a presentation from the perspective of a workplace designer or self employed individual who is building a new company that focuses both on profitability AND employee satisfaction. Research demonstrates that happy employees often work harder and smarter and take pride in the successes of the company. Think about this from the perspective of both your current (or past job) and what time of job you hope to have in the future. What can employers do in both the physical building and the work environment to help boost workplace wellbeing and resiliency?

Include and discuss the following concepts:

  • Introduce the concept of resilience and how it may apply to the workplace.
  • Describe a problem or challenge and provide suggestions of how to improve or alleviate the problem.
  • Think about the perspective of both a supervisor/manager and an employee who doesn’t supervise.
  • Consider obstacles and opportunities that are unique to your industry or the job you hope to have in the future.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines, meaning you must cite any sources in either the notes section of the presentation or in an accompanying word document that contains any references.

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