World Event

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Current World Event Report: Each student will create an original report on a significant current world event (think an earthquake, a plane-crash, or a fire which happened in the past year– NOT HUMAN TRAFFICKING or BREXIT ) and its impact on the global business landscape. The reports should be approximately 550 words. Research a major current (no older than one year) event in any region of the world (avoid the U.S. at all costs). Reflect on its (possible) effect/s on global business. It is extremely important that the sources where the news was obtained be cited and that the news be verified as a truthful and trustworthy account. News disseminated by nonaccredited sources such as personal blogs, tweets, and other nonaccredited journalistic sources such as “a single political organization with a political point of view” are not acceptable. The balance of the content should be as follows: approximately 25% about “what happened” and 75% about “what it means and why.” I will be graded on the depth of what is in the 90%.

I need to take approval for the topic to make sure that I chosen an appropriate event/topic before you will start it. so I will wait 24 hours to receive the potential topic .

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