Worship, Mass, or prayer Visit with critical reflection paper

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As an exercise to be more exposed to society and culture and the ways in which biblical traditions, texts, and principles are applied in service organizations or in contemporary faith communities, class members may choose either: To visit a congregation: (A) to observe Worship or a Prayer Service (church, synagogue or mosque) in the area; (B) this should be not your own tradition, but completely different (as in ethnic, racial, or religious tradition); as this involves moving out of your comfort zone, consider going in small groups (for those without a car, places nearby in Elmhurst are within walking distance) (C) a reflection paper (3 pgs, double -spaced): Before you go, begin a reflection paper (pre-visit section) describing what you can find that this religious tradition’s worship/liturgy or prayer service will involve (can include an outline of elements of worship service; see prof’s list of suggested sources for information; also look for the congregation’s own website as a start). After you visit, add your reflections (post-visit section) to your paper on what you observed, experienced and how it relates to your pre-visit understanding; note how any biblical texts were employed. Include at top of your paper the name of church, synagogue, or mosque; location; and date of attendance.This assignment is in no way for dogmatic purposes, but is offered in the spirit of educational adventure, critical inquiry,and to increase understanding of others’ practices with which you are unfamiliar. You can make up the vist.


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