would someone do My plan Project for me

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These are the instructions >>> Please follow them carefully.

MyPlan Assignment (50 Points)

To complete the MyPlan Assessment you need to contact WWW.MVC.MYPLAN.COM

Username>>> Hashem1997

Password>>> xnxx24811344

  • License code: HDKTPMCJ If Needed!!
  • Click on “assessment” at the top
  • Complete all four assessments

Completing the “My Plan” assignment will give you an opportunity to explore different careers and help show you new possibilities and interests that may not be in your awareness at the present time. This is a great assignment for continuing the quest for self-awareness and personal growth as well as finding a career that fits you.

You must submit to me the following: A brief summary of your interest inventory, skills inventory, values inventory, and MBTI results. In addition, you will gather information on 3 professions that match your skills/interests/values to receive full credit. An essay (1 to 2 pages) will also be required reflecting your experience (pro or con) with the assignment and your thoughts regarding the 3 professions. If time permits during the semester and you would like your instructor to review your results with you, you are invited to contact him and set an appointment.

Again, please note you may turn in this assignment anytime throughout the semester (before the due date)!


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