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The Hunting Ground documentary-

Watch the Hunting Ground documentary. It’s 86 minutes. This assignment will account for 2 BB class assignments and 30 points.

Answer 3 of the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Your response to each question should be 200 words.

1. How did the stories shared in the film relate to your own experiences of campus life? Is your administration effective at creating a learning environment free from violence and intimidation? Why or why not?

2. Sexual violence survivors experienced doubt, disbelief or reprimand from university administrators when they reported their assaults. Were you surprised by the administrators’ responses? How did you expect administrators to react to reports of rape?

3. What stereotypes exist about sexual violence perpetrators? What about the victims of sexual violence? How do misconceptions limit the ability to provide survivor support or effective prevention education?

4. What examples of victim blaming did you see in The Hunting Ground? Have you witnessed these examples or other forms of victim blaming on your campus or in the media? How does victim blaming perpetuate the problem of sexual violence?

5. The film exposes a link between the profitability of universities and their willingness to protect student athletes from investigation or disciplinary action when they are accused of sexual violence. Do you think universities can prevent the conflict of interest that pits justice against financial gain in industries like sports and fraternities? If so, how?

6. Student activists used federal law to hold their universities accountable for investigating and adjudicating instances of sexual violence on campus. Beyond legal action, how else do students in the film hold their universities to account? Which approaches felt most powerful or inspiring to you?

7. The Hunting Ground reveals a systemic problem of sexual violence across college campuses. How might students, parents, alumni, faculty or administrators work together regionally or nationally to improve campus safety?


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