write an annotation

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Please choose an author from the list below and find a scholarly biography for the author. DO NOT use an encyclopedia of any kind

(wikipedia, Britannica, etc.) I also suggest you don’t use a whole book since that
would require reading the whole thing.

Jane Austen

William Blake

Charles Dickens

John Donne

C. S. Lewis

George Orwell

Robert Louis Stevenson

J.R.R. Tolkein

H.G. Wells

William Wordsworth

Anne, Charlotte, or Emily Bronte

1. Decide on what the writer of the article was presenting as the most important information about the author. Create a topic sentence for a paragraph that states that clearly.

2. Explain how the writer supports that idea (see #5) and clarify the information in a paragraph (using your notes as help).

3. Read the paragraph you have written to make sure it is a clear and focused summary of the article read.

4. Make sure you have included a direct quote from the article in your summary.

5. Check the word count on your summary and make sure it is at least 100 words, but no more than 150 words. Make adjustments as needed.

6. Create the citation for the article you read


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