write me a 4 page paper

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Topic: Malaria

For this part of the paper project, you are asked to write a 4 page paper (double spaced, one inch margins, Times New Roman) that explores the discourses used to discuss malaria in the media, in research, amongst funding agencies, etc.

You can either choose to discuss a particular discourse that you have encountered in your research about malaria

or you can discuss a couple of different discourses. Those discourses might be ones we have discussed in class (health securitization, biomedical humanitarianism, outbreak narrative, etc.) or they might be something we haven’t discussed but that you have noticed in researching your topic. If you chose a topic of personal relevance to you, you can examine a discourse that you have encountered in your own life if you wish.

In this part of the paper you have a lot of flexibility, but you are asked to draw on examples from at least one specific source. This means that you should take sentences from that source (in quotes and cited of course!) and show how they contribute to a particular discourse. Alternatively, you could include an image from a source and discuss the discourse being conjured up by it.

Please be sure to include citations for any sources that you use.

There is no need to write the introduction again since it is already stated in the first essay. Thank you!!

Also please try to avoid the same information you in the pervious two essays since it need to combine together at last.


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