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Please conduct a small ethnography of a religious ritual. The ritual can be religious or secular. Write a short essay based on your observations that addresses the following questions. Describe the ritual. Did it have stages; if so how were they marked? What was the purpose of this ritual? How does it compare to rituals you have undergone or participated in? Please be sure to ask permission to observe, take pictures etc. Also, be respectful and polite during your observation. Remember to think like an Anthropologist as you are doing your fieldwork and writing it up. The write-up should be around 1500-2000 words.

Actual attendance of a religious experience is in no way required, or even recommended. A small write up of any event detailing the following requirements placed in the aforementioned paragraph are sufficient as long as it reads as though one attended. My religious views are Conservative Protestant, which should be used to compare.


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