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My question has two parts:

– I did the second parts in general. but i want to norrow it from the point of student affairs’s profession. also i use ( I) pronoun . i want to make it academic. i attached use only around 10 pages.

– In the first i want to make a work.

– I want to draw not only from material in your courses, but also from resources beyond your course work—this means drawing from journals such as Journal of College Student Development, Journal of Research and Practice in Student Affairs, Journal of Higher Education, Review of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, College Student Retention, Journal of College Student Affairs.

  • Questions will require essays of approximately 15-20 pages,
  • – refrence page and cover page will be separate from essay.
  • The assigment require you to integrate research, theory, philosophy, current issues, and best practice into your responses.
  • Use APA appropriate citation.
  • I will include all the course material but i want help on the journals to support my answer.
  • I want many refrences
  • THe question is
  • 1. No matter how important student affairs seems to be to the day-to-day operation of a college or university campus, there are some who argue that restricting or eliminating student affairs programming and services should be done to reduce college costs. What would happen to higher education institutions if the elimination of student affairs were to come to pass?

    In a paper that follows the essay form, construct and defend an argument that supports the need for student affairs programs and services at a college or university. Be sure to include the following in your discussion:· how the restriction or elimination of student affairs would negatively impact the student AND the institution, and · how student affairs shapes student involvement, student engagement, and student integration in positive ways (as presented in the scholarly literature). Make sure your answer is grounded in the research literature, and that you are not simply offering personal opinions or anecdotes.


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