written case study 2 budget planning p 111 please write 5 pages and follow everything in the requirements

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Budget Planning, p. 111 of Case Studies in Food Service:

The text for the case studies is Cases in Food Service and Clinical Nutrition Management (Chabot, 2006) please share among your peers, or contact me if you have trouble accessing the text.

Prepare a written paper addressing the 3 questions asked in your case book. I am expecting a truly thorough coverage of the issues in the Case Study: Revenue/Sales, Payroll Costs & Full-Time Equivalents, and Non-Labor Expenses. ***Note: This is a Critical Thinking Assignment – Please provide multiple perspectives and multiple potential resolutions for the concerns with advantages and disadvantages of each decision or action suggested.***


1) Thorough answers to each question. Please produce a minimum of a page double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, for each question area (minimum 3 pages).

2) Formatted with Citations (any college appropriate format you are comfortable with).

3) A separate citations page. Please cite our textbook and the case study book in addition to at least one other college appropriate source per section (for a total of 5 minimum sources).


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