You are going to design a presentation describing how a particular labor market “works.

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This assignment will be less structured than the other ones. You are going to design a presentation describing how a particular labor market “works.” Over the course of the semester, we have become familiar with a variety of labor markets and how they operate. You will submit a file of your slides, interview notes, and an article. You will also record a presentation using VoiceThread and watch other students’ presentations to provide feedback.

1.     A PowerPoint presentation consisting of between 8 and 10 slides to present through VoiceThread to the class. The outline of the presentation is listed below.

2.     Your VoiceThread presentation should last between 7 and 10 minutes. There will be a 2-day window where students can ask questions and you are expected to respond to most of them within a reasonable timeframe.

3.     In the grading, completion of the assignment according to the instructions counts the most, following by content of your slides, followed by the quality of your presentation

This report should include the following components:

1.     Choose a labor market to analyze. The market does not need to be perfectly competitive and can even be related to your current job if you have one. You are welcome to discuss your choice with the instructor, but the instructor will not suggest markets to analyze. The only markets ruled out are those we have already analyzed in the online readings.

2.     Gather information about your market, based on personal experience, discussions with people who work or hire in that market, and/or readings. You should have a basic understanding of the institutional factors of the market (Is it competitive? Are there unions? Etc.), supply and demand (Is production labor intensive? Is there a lot of turnover? Etc.) and wages and employment.

There are three sources you should use in particular. The first is an “interview,” or discussion about your market, with at least on person who works in it, hopefully at the managerial level. The second is at least one good newspaper, magazine, or journal article. The third, for basic wage, employment, and expected employment growth data is the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), (Look up the closest occupation if necessary).

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