you must pick a disease and write about it

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Your assignment will be evaluated by Turnitin, plagiarism screening software, so be careful to use your own words

as much as possible and remember that direct quotes are limited to one sentence and one per page. There will be
penalties for Turnitin similarity scores greater than 20%.

Here are some ground rules and suggestions for this assignment. You must pick a disease from systems that
we have covered to date: (weeks 1-5). If you’re not sure what disease to select, please contact me via Questions
for the Professor. Four to five pages excluding the title and reference pages is about right. Since the assignment
is long I will expect more than just the textbook and one other reference. Don’t forget citations in the proper format,
either APA or journal superscript format.

Starting with a short case history (about a paragraph or two at the most) of a typical patient with the disease you have
selected is strongly advised. Then try to explain the epidemiology, pathophysiologic mechanisms causing the disease,
diagnostic methods, treatment and prognosis. Take these into consideration when choosing the disease. Do not do a
typical history and physical format; just include the pertinent findings in your opening paragraph(s). Selecting HIV/AIDS
or a cancer is discouraged as these are too complex for the length of this assignment. Picking an obscure disease that
I have to look up will prejudice me in advance. Select common disorders. Again, be sure it is from a system covered in
weeks one through five.

NO QUIZ THIS WEEK Good for you, bad for me: more papers to grade

Best of luck to all. If you run into trouble or just have questions, please contact me via Questions for the Professor.
I would much rather you do this than have to revise and resubmit the project assignment, Once again, be careful to
use your own words as much as possible and limit direct quotes as this report will be screened by Turnitin for plagiarism.


Dr. Ally, a 49-year-old professor, was diagnosed with essential hypertension 12 years ago and was on antihypertensive drugs. However, he did not take his medications last year because he was feeling just fine. In addition, he was very busy with work. Nevertheless, he felt tired after work and developed dyspnea while climbing the stairs. Recently, he had a bout of epistaxis (severe nose bleed) with dizziness and blurred vision. He went to the doctor for a checkup. His blood pressure was 180/110, and the doctor found rales or crackles on his chest upon auscultation. The doctor ordered rest and asked him to start his medication again.

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