your vision of a peaceful world

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ü Paper: This is a formal essay on “your vision of a peaceful world”. The term paper should be submitted by April 19, typed (font Times New Roman, Size 12, 1.5 line spacing), 2000 words. Papers should be submitted as hardcopy (typed as per above specifications)

Your paper will be evaluated as per below rubric:

The thesis statement is specific and arguable and located in the first few sentences.

The thesis statement or a nearby sentence mentions 2-3 specific details to be used in support of the argument.

The specific evidence includes relevant details from the course proceedings including at least one direct quotation (with page #) from each of our course texts.

The specific evidence is the most relevant and authoritative available.

How the evidence supports the argument is explicitly stated.

The organization is logical and there are transitions between ideas.

The conclusion includes an attempt to place the paper topic within the context of an important theme from the course overall, or an issue that could be addressed.

Spelling and grammar mistakes, especially in the first few sentences, are not so glaring that the reader loses the ability to continue reading objectively.

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